Why is it that meeting quality people or the dating process provokes so much anxiety and is not enjoyable for so many people?  It doesn’t have to be that way!

The fear of rejection can be debilitating and often causes many individuals to avoid potential opportunities to meet someone they want to get to know.  This in turn creates a negative self-image and builds more anxiety for the next potential encounter.  If this cycle sounds familiar, then changing how you feel about yourself, what you think about yourself, and in turn what you project to others is necessary to overcome your fears and meet new people.

Project Rejection Is Fun! 

It is an extraordinary program that helps our clients understand and overcome their fears of meeting new people and comfortably navigate the dating process.  There are no gimmicks.  Project Rejection is an integrative mix of common sense, Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic Techniques, and fun.  That’s right—it is not only effective, but fun. 


Project Rejection is completely different than any other strategy dealing with dating fear or self-doubt. Every other book, program, or philosophy I have ever seen to help people become more comfortable and successful with the dating process concentrates on a variety of strategies that are useful only if the root cause of what is holding the individual back has been identified and conquered.  So, if fear of rejection is the obstacle it is my belief that without effectively dealing with this fear you will never relax, be yourself, or realize your true potential in the dating process. Project Rejection is unique because we help you to face and conquer the fear of rejection in a real-life setting with a supportive and fun structure.  We have yet to have someone not succeed with our program!!

The approach is very simple and straightforward.  After reserving your spot, a detailed questionnaire will be emailed to you. About a week after your questionnaires are sent back to us, we will contact you to schedule a preliminary coaching session with one of our facilitators. Upon completion, you will then schedule your Project Rejection outing and you are on your way to overcoming your fears.

How the Process Works

P H A S E   I

The first outing will begin with an informal meeting for dinner with our facilitators and at least two, but no more than three participants. The setting is comfortable and supportive, and a sense of camaraderie will develop among the group. During this initial phase, we’ll discuss the findings from the questionnaires openly and show you how your negative patterns have affected you, but more importantly how they can change. 

P H A S E   I I

The second phase of the first outing will be the actual Project Rejection Experience, where as a group we will go out to a public venue and help you and encourage you while you face your fears.  You will have the support of the facilitators and other group members and we will celebrate failure as you begin to face your fears and change your negative thoughts and feelings.  The goal is not success, but rather failure.  So, this is a much different approach than many of us have ever experienced or even thought of when meeting new people.

The last part of the initial session is to meet as a group and process the experience each member had while facing their fears. Questions are answered and a specific set of individual assignments are given to each participant to complete prior to the next session which will be approximately two weeks later.  At this final session, know as Graduation Day, you will see the dramatic changes in yourself and your fellow group members as we celebrate victory over the fear of rejection.


Success from Failure

We have yet to have someone not succeed in our program.  What our participants have realized is that the rejection experience is essential for smashing their fears and dispelling the negative thoughts and feelings that blocked them in the past. By confronting fear in a supportive environment, our participants realize that rejection is a part of life, and by embracing this concept, they are liberated from self-doubt and free to pursue their goals without fear. The transformation participants experience is remarkable. Read the testimonials below to hear what program alumni are saying:

“At my first Project Rejection outing, I was sweating bullets and mumbling when I approached a woman—and she pretty much ignored me. When I came back to the group, they applauded me, and we all laughed. I started to relax and have fun with it. I learned that it wasn't such a big deal. After Project Rejection, I had the confidence for the first time to pursue the women I really wanted. I met my wife four months later..."
Dave, Project Rejection Alum

“Facing my fears has absolutely changed my life. I wish I would have had the opportunity to destroy my fears of rejection about ten years ago.  Project Rejection is worth ten times its cost and can change your life.”
Tim, Project Rejection Alum


The cost per person is $2,500 for the entire program. (If you are interested in taking part in one of our initial groups during the research portion of the program, please contact me to learn about the significant cost savings available while this opportunity is still available).© 20

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