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The Day of the Actual LSA Family Meeting:

I am actually in disbelief right now that he (her husband) is in treatment.  I cannot believe how easily it (Family Meeting) went today, but I credit that to you (and LSA) for organizing everything and walking me through every action and step that needed to be taken.  Today was amazing!  I was shocked with all of the planning and details that go into this process and how emotionally draining it was...I would have given up 15-20 times if I tried to do this on my own.  But, now I know why you were so highly recommended. 

I'll be honest, I never thought he would go to treatment (and my family, friends, and counsel even discouraged me from going forward with the process).  But, with your help, it went so smoothly today!  He sounds so happy and I am so grateful that I was encouraged by (one friend) to call you and ask for your help.  Thank you, for everything you have done for me, my husband, and our family!!

Seven Months After LSA Family Meeting:

Things are actually great with us.  My husband is celebrating seven months of sobriety and I am very proud of him!  I think he feels really good physically and mentally for the first time in years.  People are commenting on how good he looks. Our daughter adores him and he is smitten with her.  It is quite a change from (before I hired you and LSA).  I have attached a photo of my husband with our is thanks to you that I was even able to take this picture.

--Mother, Attorney, Wife of successful entrepreneur, and LSA Pre-Treatment Solution Client


TWO (2) YEARS After LSA Family Meeting:

"It's been TWO YEARS and not a drink, cigarette, or a bump!!  Have to thank you.  My wife thinks you were an angel...REALLY"

--Text from Father, Husband, Attorney/Successful entrepreneur, and LSA Pre-Treatment Solution Client

This (The LSA Recovery Coaching program) is an amazing program that is well thought-out and offers an exceptional level of care for high-functioning individuals (Senior Level Executives, business owners, attorneys, physicians, and licensed professionals).  I have never seen a program this comprehensive assembled in a "real-world setting" and look forward to working with LSA to help addicted and dually-diagnosed professionals realize long-term recovery and change.


--Director of a prominent, nationally-recognized addiction treatment program for professionals

We cannot thank you enough for the time you spent helping our family.  The attached photo is of our entire family taken during the family weekend at the extended care facility which you helped us find.  Our son originally went to Primary Treatment for stabilization at an appropriate facility and with LSA's help, he agreed to continue his treatment at a peer appropriate Extended Care facility.  He has embraced recovery and has voluntarily agreed to stay for an additional three and possibly six more months.  Again, thank you for all you have done for our son and our whole family


--Wife, Mother of afflicted young adult, and LSA Pre-Treatment Solution Client

"I have never even heard of services (LSA's Pre-treatment Solution & LSA Recovery Coaching program) that are so comprehensive in nature and confidentially assist executives and professionals so extensively...LSA is a guardian angel for anyone struggling with addiction, depression, and related issues."


--Fortune 100 Firm, Senior Executive

"I participated in a six-week residential treatment program where I lived in an apartment with three other people. The experience was very powerful because you developed strong bonds and revealed more about yourself to people you knew only two weeks than to some lifelong friends. It was extremely supportive and affirming.

The trouble was in the transition back to the "world." Two of us drank within a week, and one tragically committed suicide. This was just a couple weeks after we felt we had a new lease on life and felt emboldened and ready to apply our new heightened self awareness and coping skills to our work and personal lives. It was just too drastic a transition for some of us. I did not know about LSA and Recovery Coaching then.

I worked with Michael Plahn and started over at a different treatment center. This time I am working with a LSA Coach and feel that I am setting myself up for greater success, and learning more about myself and how to improve my quality of life."

--LSA Recovery Coaching Client

Working with LSA literally changed my life. I know that sounds overly dramatic, but it's the truth. They provided the ideas, tasks, challenges, and support to get me to step outside my comfort zone and attack the obstacles that I had placed in my own way. I would not be leading the happy, healthy life that I have now without [LSA Program Director] Michael Plahn. He has helped me reach this place in my life where I can finally live up to my true potential. I would recommend LifeSkills Authorities to anyone.

--Successful Executive, Attorney, and LSA Client

"When I met Michael and began working with LSA, my disease had progressed to a point to where in my forties, I could not even walk up a flight of stairs without the aid of a railing. I was anxious about beginning the healing process and regain all I had lost, but I was scared to do it alone. Using Life Skills Authorities, I had a loving coach who helped me reach what at one time seemed hopeless to even try. And, to the surprise and delight of my loved ones, my recovery was achieved. Thank you LifeSkills Authorities for all you have done for me."

--Wife, Homemaker, and LSA Client

Two years ago, my husband was suffering from late stage, chronic alcoholism. To our friends and neighbors, things may have seemed okay. He still had a prestigious and high paying job, and we had the regular suburban trappings -- expensive house, nice cars, foreign travel, and the finest schools for our children. The reality was quite different. My husband had become a man I barely recognized, and our lives had reached a level of chaos that was simply unbearable. As a stay-at-home mom, I not only feared for my husband's life, but I was terrified of the potential consequences on my life and the lives of our children.

And then my husband began working with Michael. The positive changes were swift and dramatic, and nearly every aspect of our lives began to improve. Today, my husband has become a man that I would not have recognized a year and a half ago. I did not get my old husband back; rather, I now have a husband that is even better than the man I fell in love with and married. He is sober, kind, compassionate, and at peace with himself.

I attribute all of this to Michael. Although I have only met Michael a few times, it is clear to me that he possesses extraordinary abilities. I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me, my husband, and my family.

--Mother, Wife of an afflicted individual (who worked with LSA)

I have known Michael for over a year and a half, and I credit him with saving my career, my marriage, and my life.

The day I met Michael was one of the darkest of my life; my disease was in a critical stage, I had lost all hope, and I believed that recovery had become impossible for me. Although I have what some might consider to be an impressive education and career, I had completely lost the ability to manage my life, and I do not believe I could have continued to head down that path for even another day.

Since that day, Michael has been with me every step of the way, and the changes in my life have been remarkable. In addition to my sobriety, I have regained my confidence, dramatically improved my relationships with my wife, children and the rest of my family, improved my efficiency and health, and gained an energy and zest for life that I have not felt for many, many years. Most important, I feel a sense of acceptance, contentment and peace that I never would have believed possible just a short time ago. All of this is directly attributable to Michael's work with me. He has skills and abilities that I believe are unique. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met regarding addiction and recovery, but his understanding of counseling, coaching, nutrition, exercise and overall wellness are what really set him apart.

Michael is also one of the finest men I have ever met. His personal story is inspiring and made me feel immediately at ease around him. In a matter of hours, I found myself disclosing things to him that I would not have felt comfortable discussing with lifelong friends. His passion for his work and dedication to recovery gave me hope when I believed that everyone else had given up on me.

The finest testament to Michael's work with me may be my wife. She has told me that I did not regain my old life, but gained a new and different life that is far superior the the life I had been living, even before my disease took hold of me. In fact, she has seen such a dramatic improvement in me that she frequently becomes teary at the mere mention of Michael's name. I simply cannot say enough about Michael and the positive impact he has had on my life and the lives of my loved ones. I truly do not think I would be here today if it were not for Michael and the extraordinary and expert work he did with me. I owe him my life.


--Husband, Father, Senior Partner at Prestigious Law Firm, Suffered from addiction and Mood Disorder, and LSA Client

I am thrilled...the trip was flawless.  I am sure it went so well due to your professional efforts and preparation of the whole event.

--Security Specialist who accompanied LSA Program Director,  RN, and a LSA client to treatment

As a therapist, I have continually been frustrated with the treatment models which my patients have had available to them. I have known Michael for many years and have been a part of understanding the need for a multi-faceted, integrated, holistic approach to interventions, and sometimes more importantly the treatment after the programs are over. Michael's experience in the business world, the health care world, the addiction world, as well as his sensitivity toward integrating all of these domains together is key in understanding the individual's success down the road.

Before becoming a therapist, like Michael I was in the business world. I understand the pressures that these times can put on individuals as well as their families.The shame, denial, and overall lack of understanding involved in addictions are prevalent. Michael truly understands addictions and the addicted individual. He has helped guide many of my clients to a much healthier lifestyle through mentoring, teaching, guidance, therapy, and life coaching.

As the Sports Psychologist at DePaul University, I used Michael Plahn yearly to speak to young athletes about substance use. Over the years he has spoken to thousands of athletes and without a doubt, I can say he had a great impact. Michael was always the first person they would call whenever they felt they had a problem.

Michael is a great and kind human being who understands and loves people. His need to make a difference is unparalleled with any other individual I have ever worked with. He also deeply understands the person's need to have healthy systems to incorporate into their clean and sober living. His work with family, life coaching, occupational training, nutrition, fitness, as well as his psychological background, make him one of the most uniquely qualified caregivers to help troubled individuals.

Over the years it has been my honor to watch Michael walk the walk of addiction healing, instead of talking the talk.


--Dr. Morgan Wolin, PsyD [Well-known Addictions Specialist & Psychologist with practices in Chicago and Scottsdale]

I can't thank you enough for all your help. You were right, he (spouse with addiction and Bi-Polar Disorder) would not willingly go into a program without an Intervention.  Thank you so much for all your help and information....I cannot thank you enough for your help and sincere concern.

--Mother, Ex-husband struggled with addiction and Mood Disorder, and LSA Client

I cannot think of one logical reason why you would not contact LSA.  This is an extraordinary company and LSA’s Program Director, Michael Plahn has helped me create changes in my life that I never thought were possible.  I wish I had called sooner.

— Wife, Mother, Homemaker, and LSA Client

He (son-in-law) is now sober over one year...that is hard to believe but its true.  The family is doing well thanks in large part to your help and your program.  Thank you again.

--Father of LSA Pre-Treatment Solution client / Father-in-law of LSA Recovery Coaching client

They (afflicted individual and his wife, both LSA clients) came to town and we spent time together.  He (now abstinent for over a year) is not the same person I knew for years who struggled (with addiction and mental illness) despite incredible material success and abilities.  He is literally a different person who seemed at peace, at ease, and was focused on others.  It was amazing to see the difference and watch them (husband and wife) laugh together and talk about their family.  They both just seemed happy...and I'm convinced that would not have been possible if she did not work with you (via the LSA Pre-Treatment Solution).

— Family Meeting Participant

"This is the most comprehensive approach to addiction treatment I have ever seen" - Dr. Shantelle Whitehead, Clinical Psychologist

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