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Addiction & Mental Health Services

The LifeSkills Authorities methodology to overcoming Addiction, Depression and Mood Disorders, Chronic Pain and/or Illness, and Aging Issues is a remarkable cutting-edge approach. We offer two comprehensive areas of focus that address these concerns.  The LSA Pre-Treatment Solution helps families and businesses offer appropriate help to someone afflicted with active addiction, certain untreated (or ineffectively treated) mental health issues, chronic pain, and dealing with any number of aging issues that are impacting the family or business system.  Through this process, LSA immediately takes the pressure off of the frustrated and concerned client and begins guiding that person through a proven systematic process that allows the afflicted person to willingly accept help.  When your loved one says yes to receiving help, LSA will have already taken the necessary steps (or guided you to do so) to execute an effective entrance into an appropriate treatment program (if that is an appropriate next step).  All you have to do is say yes to LSA, and we will help your loved one say yes to recovery. 

The other area of LSA's expertise is The LSA Recovery Coaching Program.  This program is designed to solve the rampant problem of relapse and acclimating to life outside of the safe treatment environment.  Created by our Program Director, Michael Plahn, this program (6-month OR 12-month versions) affords afflicted individuals the opportunity to thrive in their "real-world" setting, continue to change, and make long-term recovery a reality. 

Some families have suffered repeated frustrations, relapses, and tragedies as the result of incomplete and ineffective treatment approaches.  Thus, at the suggestion of some of those families, LSA has combined the aforementioned programs into two turn-key approaches that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients and their families. LSA's Executive Care program caters to the specific needs and wants of senior-level executives, licensed professionals, and high-functioning individuals. Similarly, LSA's Transformative Care program offers LSA's comprehensive solutions for afflicted individuals (and their families).  LSA's Transformative Care program is ideal for young adults and individuals who want LSA's extremely high-level seamless approach to recovery, but do not have the same career needs as our Executive Care clientele.


Michael Plahn, the Founder and Program Director of LifeSkills Authorities, is available for corporate speaking, public and organizational engagements, media appearances and commissioned writing assignments.  He is an approved speaker by the NCAA CHAMPS Life Skills program. Michael is a sought after presenter who uses a self-deprecating lens to look at his numerous life Experiences and struggles in an effort to reach and motivate his audiences.  He openly discusses how his addictions, Depressive Disorder, anxiety and panic issues, chronic pain, chronic illness, and significant losses in his life have led to growth and learning opportunities that have been a paradoxical gift.  Michael explains how these powerful life experiences have forever altered his path, awareness, and led to the completely unanticipated launch of LifeSkills Authorities and a career built on helping others dramatically improve the quality of their lives.  Please contact us about potential scheduling opportunities as he is typically booked months in advance.


LifeSkills Authorities offers holistic solutions to help clients create change in their lives. Our coaching programming is now focused exclusively on clients and family members who have been affected by addiction, mental illness, chronic pain &/or illness, and aging issues.  Typically, our coaching clients have been introduced to LSA as a LSA Pre-Treatment Solution participant.  However, some clients may be referred to the comprehensive solution available in the LSA Recovery Coaching programs by colleagues, treatment facilities, and other professionals.  LSA's Founder and Program Director is still involved in every case.  Mr. Plahn is potentially able to accept new clients (determined after the intake process) for LSA Recovery Coaching programs. If you are interested in a Holistic Lifestyle Coaching program that you may have heard about from a previous satisfied LSA client, please contact us as we would be happy to connect you with an appropriate coach based on your needs and goals.

"This is the most comprehensive approach to addiction treatment I have ever seen" - Dr. Shantelle Whitehead, Clinical Psychologist

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