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Family Therapy Intensives

Evidence clearly shows that the more the family of an individual afflicted with Addiction, Depression and Mood Disorders, or Chronic Pain/Illness seeks psychotherapeutic help - individually and as a group, the greater the success rate is for effective treatment...FOR EVERYONE.

This is another example of how LSA addresses the entire issue with a comprehensive solution.  LifeSkills Authorities believes that customized Family Therapy Intensives, designed with proven methodology and specific to the individual family's needs, will expedite the healing of the family system.  This will also greatly improve the afflicted family member's recovery. Affiliated LSA Recovery Team members or qualified professionals (with proper training and clinical experience) can offer these services for each family that works with LifeSkills Authorities. This form of intensive therapy accelerates the healing process for the family so much that the Clinical Director of a leading national treatment facility has stated "LSA families who have participated in a Family Therapy Intensive may be able to co-facilitate portions our Family Program" and mentor other families who have not had the benefit of LSA's guidance. 

Programs can vary in duration from 2-6 days, and are designed for the  family (excluding the afflicted individual) to participate shortly after the Family Meeting and while the afflicted individual is in a treatment program. The family members would then travel to take part in the treatment facility’s Family Program to support the afflicted individual and continue to help the family system heal.  Following discharge from treatment, the entire family (including the afflicted individual) would participate in subsequent day(s) of Family Therapy Intensives (when the clinicans determine it is appropriate).  This allows for extraordinary healing...for your entire family.

Ask any addictions specialist for their opinion about what is described on this will be amazed at their answers.  That is why LSA is rapidly becoming known as THE LEADER IN ADDICTION SOLUTIONS.

"This is the most comprehensive approach to addiction treatment I have ever seen" - Dr. Shantelle Whitehead, Clinical Psychologist

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