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The Recovery Care & Crisis Coaching Advantage 

Once the newly recovering individual returns home, their LSA Recovery Coach meets with them in the Recovery Crisis Coaching phase for the first several weeks to ensure stability and establish rapport.  This means one in-person meeting, three phone sessions of approximately 20 minutes in length, along with daily phone calls.  During this period, the newly recovering individual is also beginning to work with the other Recovery Team members. This high level of support from the LSA Recovery Coach and Recovery Team members will enable the client to continue to grow in their newfound recovery lifestyle while being held accountable, nurtured, and supported at the same time.  This is a critical time in the recovery process and it is essential to have a knowledgeable advocate who coordinates and navigates these first several weeks of recovery. It is during this period that many Individuals find that they are lost and living between two worlds; one of recovery that was found and embraced at the treatment facility and one of constant triggers and reminders of the past once they return home. The LSA philosophy implements a comprehensive approach to help our client maintain abstinence and make the necessary changes that will foster a truly exceptional and improved new lifestyle.

The skills and tools that LSA Recovery Coaches utilize to help clients may include:
  • How to actually have fun without mind-altering chemicals to "loosen you up"  
  • A relationship with a true advocate and someone with your best interests in mind
  • An accountable relationship to help you make more objective decisions
  • Added support on how to succeed in this new lifestyle
  • Tools to help LSA clients maintain their sobriety and mood while having to entertain their own clientele around a potentially difficult setting
  • Successful techniques to help balance work and personal lives
  • Time management exercises
  • Stress management exercises
  • Fitness assessments to help integrate a realistic fitness plan into this busy new lifestyle
  • Nutrition assessments and coaching to help stabilize blood sugar and put together realistic nutrition plans that will potentially lessen cravings and teach you how to eat properly
  • Teaching healthy coping strategies for stressful situations that happen in life and that you may have handled poorly in the past. Now learn how to handle similar ones with dignity and grace
  • Learning how to handle the feelings that most addicts and depressed individuals 'self-medicate' with proactive healthy coping mechanisms
  • Making proper referrals to qualified professionals to treat medical or psychiatric issues that can impede our progress working together

The results of working with a LifeSkills Authorities Recovery Coach are not just about abstinence, but a much higher quality of life than the client has been living or may have ever lived.  Our program begins with several meetings per week as well as daily check-in's, during the Recovery Crisis Coaching phase.  If the client is progressing well, and both the LSA Coach and the client feel comfortable stepping the meetings down, weekly meetings become the next course of action as the client enters the LSA Recovery Care Coaching phase. 

If at any time additional sessions are desired or recommended, they are available at an additional fee. Our goal is to help our clients embrace a recovery lifestyle and deal positively with the stressors of being immersed back into job pressures and the awkwardness of returning after a prolonged medical leave. Ultimately, we strive to have LSA clients succeed at a high level in all areas of their lives.

"This is the most comprehensive approach to addiction treatment I have ever seen" - Dr. Shantelle Whitehead, Clinical Psychologist

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