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LSA Pre-Treatment Solution

The LSA Pre-Treatment Solution is a systematic, compassionate, and transparent approach that raises the bottom to allow your loved one to accept help in a dignified manner.  You no longer have to believe you are powerless (over the below issues) and left helpless while you wait for a tragedy to occur.

  • Addiction
  • Depression and Mood Disorders
  • Chronic Pain and/or Illness
  • Aging Issues

Common Misperceptions of Families in Crisis:

  • “You have to wait for them to hit bottom on their own before they can change”
  • “They are really trying...this time will be different”
  • “Mom/Dad are proud; I cannot take their independence away”
  • “We don’t need help...this is a private matter that we can handle as a family”
  • “He/She is not an addict...they are in pain!”
  • “I agree there is a problem and it could cost me my career, family, and life, but I cannot possibly take time away from work right now”
  • "They have tried treatment several times and it just doesn’t work for them”
  • “I know my loved one, they will not respond well to your recommended and proven methods”

HOW THE LSA PRE-TREATMENT SOLUTION WORKS:  Immediately upon engagement, your LSA Specialist begins to remove the pressure and replace it with something that has likely been missing…hope.  LSA is acutely aware of the numerous details and extensive planning needed to make sure the process is not only executed properly, but goes well.  Due to LSA's extensive planning and transparent approach, it is not uncommon for the afflicted person to arrive at the Family Meeting with their bags packed and a willingness to accept help.  Our goal is to provide appropriate solutions for the entire family (not just the afflicted loved one), while guiding you and supporting you throughout the entire process.  Following is a brief summary of what you can expect with the LSA Pre-Treatment Solution:

Prior to the Family Meeting

  • Immediately after engagement, the LSA Specialist begins history and information gathering; guides the client to plan an initial Family Meeting (and how to invite participants); reviews treatment options (types & levels); helps you pare down solutions for the afflicted loved one (to 2-3 realistic options); LSA liaises with actual facilities; the LSA Specialist assembles Solutions for the entire family, couples and individuals (not just the afflicted person); LSA coaches you to ensure that all pre-registration requirements are met; anticipates all transportation needs with a seasoned travel veteran; and LSA Guides/Coaches/Supports you through the entire process.

Day of Family Meeting

  • LSA confirms that all arrangements for potential Solutions have been made; At the Family Meeting, the LSA Specialist confirms the accuracy of the information initially provided to LSA; After concerns are confirmed, LSA presents SOLUTIONS (for the afflicted loved one and entire family); Once the afflicted person accepts help (remember it is not uncommon for him/her to arrive with a willingness to accept help), he/she reviews and selects their desired option; Each participant is asked to select a desired solution (if applicable).

After Your Loved One Accepts Help

  • LSA liaises with selected facility to make sure final arrangements are made; LSA finalizes all travel arrangements; Car is waiting outside; The LSA Specialist accompanies your loved one for the entire trip to the selected facility (which typically fosters a strong rapport and bond that will help to prepare the individual for the treatment process); LSA Specialist participates in the initial intake process upon arrival at facility; LSA stays at a nearby hotel for evening; LSA Specialist meets with your loved one the following day to ensure a positive acclimation and address any issues with staff if needed; LSA follows up with the primary family contact (client) and other family members to encourage follow-through with commitments made during the Family Meeting.

THAT IS A COMPLETE SOLUTION, and why a Fortune 100 firm's CMO refers to LSA as "A guardian angel for anyone suffering from addiction, depression, and related issues?"  Contact us now to arrange for a total solution for your family.

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"This is the most comprehensive approach to addiction treatment I have ever seen" - Dr. Shantelle Whitehead, Clinical Psychologist

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