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Transformative Care

The LifeSkills Authorities Transformative Care program incorporates both the LSA Pre-Treatment Solution and LSA Recovery Coaching programs to form a comprehensive concierge level approach to allow the afflicted individual to reach long-term recovery and the entire family to heal.  Families suffering from the effects of Addiction, Depression and Mood Disorders, Chronic Pain or Illness, and Aging Issues are able to find relief literally immediately after engaging with LSA.  We immediately begin to remove the pressure and confusion for the concerned client as we systematically guide them through a proven series of actions.  The process is transparent, dignified, and non-coercive.  LSA also offers solutions for the entire family as well as the afflicted person as a means of helping the entire family system.  We guide our clients through all arrangements that must be made to ascertain the appropriate next steps and assist them in execute an effective entrance into an appropriate treatment facility (if applicable). A LSA Specialist personally accompanies the afflicted person from the Family Meeting to the treatment facility selected from the options provided (while never leaving their side).  Lastly, we stay in town to "check-in" on your loved one, the day after the intake process to ensure an optimal beginning to the healing process.  All you have to do is say yes to LSA and we will guide you through what has been called "A guardian angel for anyone suffering from addiction or related issues."

Also included in the Transformative Care program is The LSA Recovery Coaching Program*.  This program is designed to solve the rampant problem of acclimating to life after discharge from the safety of the treatment facility support system.  Created by our Program Director, Michael Plahn, these 6-month and 12-month programs affords afflicted individuals the opportunity to thrive in a "real-world" setting while they continue to recover.  If you are reading this and are familiar with watching a loved one do well while they are in treatment, but struggle and eventually relapse once they return home, contact us immediately.  Our comprehensive program is designed to not just solve that issue with a concierge level of care, but help the afflicted person thrive in a "real-world" setting. If you are unfamiliar with this tragic and heart-breaking scenario, believe me, you don't want to become a resident expert with a loved-one's life in the balance.

Lastly, and of great importance, LSA may suggest Family Therapy Intensives as part of the healing process. These intensive therapeutic programs are specifically designed for the family's specific needs.  Initially, the group of concerned others works with qualified therapist(s), while the afflicted loved one is seeking help for their concerns.  Evidence has shown that if the family does not change and begin to heal, this will gravely affect how the afflicted person does upon returning home.  At LSA, we suggest the family members (and concerned others) work with qualified therapists for a two (2) or four (4) day format within a week or two after the Family Meeting. With even a two (2) day Family Therapy Intensive, the coordinators at the some of the best residential treatment facility Family Programs may actually have LSA families co-facilitate certain groups because of the benefits received from their Family Therapy Intensive.  And, after discharge (and when deemed appropriate), the afflicted loved one joins their family to participate in a portion of their Family Therapy Intensive that can be an amazing healing experience for the entire family system. 

LSA's Transformative Care includes the following components:

* Independent validation is currently underway to study LSA's Executive Care and Transformative Care programs, and the comprehensive LSA Recovery Coaching model

"This is the most comprehensive approach to addiction treatment I have ever seen" - Dr. Shantelle Whitehead, Clinical Psychologist

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