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Executive Care

We realize that with the benefits of being an executive, licensed professional, or highly-accomplished individual, a highly-stressful lifestyle may accompany the success. We take the time to make sure each of our clients receives a customized solution for their individual needs. The LifeSkills Authorities approach is thorough and comprehensive. We offer the most successful professionals a concierge-level solution to their addiction or mental health struggles through our Executive Care program*.  

Executive Care includes the following components:

We use a comprehensive holistic coaching formula that is comprised of five (5) significant areas crucial to the long-term change process.  At LSA, we incorporate our unique version of recovery coaching to focus on the three key areas associated with holistic health: physical, psychological, and spiritual.  However, what has been noticed for years, is that with chronic illnesses such as addiction and Depressive Disorders, if social and career/financial needs are not addressed, they will likely lead to extreme stress and create the cycle of self-destruction again.  Thus, our Recovery Coaching model incorporates all five areas essential to long-term change and growth.  As a result, LSA clients learn to proactively manage the stress of their job responsibilities, deal with the pitfalls of entertaining clients, and navigate the awkwardness of returning after a prolonged medical leave, while making their recovery a continued success.  Our job is to help our
clients thrive in recovery and truly enjoy their career and family lives.  LSA's well thought-out and uniquely tailored approach to helping our selective clientele caused a Senior Executive at a Fortune 100 firm to boldly state, "LSA is a Guardian Angel for anyone suffering from addiction or related issues."  

* Independent validation is currently underway to study LSA's Executive Care and Transformative Care programs, and the comprehensive LSA Recovery Coaching model

"This is the most comprehensive approach to addiction treatment I have ever seen" - Dr. Shantelle Whitehead, Clinical Psychologist

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