Michael Plahn

Michael Plahn Jr. is the owner and program director of Life Skills Authorities, a company dedicated to helping its clients take positive actions that will transform their lives.  LSA is a product of Michael’s own life experience and education that integrates a holistic approach to effectuate positive change for its clients.

Through a journey of failures and successes, under the mentorship of many talented individuals, Michael found what he believes is the key to happiness.  He gratefully shares his vision of a joy-filled and rewarding life with his clients to help them make life transforming changes.


Michael received a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  He is a certified Level II Holistic Lifestyle Coach as well as an Exercise Coach through the prestigious CHEK Institute, has multiple personal training certifications and credentials through The National Academy of Sports Medicine.  He is currently finishing a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and is working toward a post-graduate certification in Personal and Executive Coaching with the College of Executive Coaching.

Contact Information

Michael Plahn, Jr.
Director, Life Skills Authorities
330 West Grand Ave.
Suite 2006
Chicago, IL 60610

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